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Direct Insurance

We know that times are hard at the moment, and a large bill for treatment to your pet is the last thing you need. If you have valid insurance and meet certain criteria, we may be able to assist you by covering the cost of the treatment until your insurance company pays out.

The Criteria

You must have valid insurance with one of our selected insurers (includes most of the well known insurance companies)
The initial cost of treatment must exceed £500
You must be willing to pay an admin fee of £35.00 and a deposit of £200 at the time of completing a direct claim agreement. A copy can be viewed and downloaded here
You must be 18 years of age or over.

All Direct Claims must be authorised by a Clinical Director. Merely discussing with reception or at the time of consult is not authorisation for a Direct Claim.


How it works

Rather than you paying your bill and then claiming back the money, we will cover your outstanding balance until your insurance company makes the payment direct to us. All we ask is that you pay a small admin fee and a deposit prior to treatment. You will need to show us your current insurance policy and speak to your insurance company directly to give them permission to discuss your policy with ourselves. This will be done prior to the authorisation of the Direct Claim. Once authorised, you must provide us with a claim form or a portal link, which will be determined by who your insurer is. Once the claim is settled by your insurer to us, we will utilise the deposit to cover any excesses and/or deductions not covered by your insurer and forward to you an invoice or statement. Any credit balance remaining on your account can be arranged to be returned to you.

Important note

If your insurance company does not pay out in part or full, then that is a matter between you and your insurance company, and money due to us is payable on receipt of our statement.
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