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Warm Welcome to Wood Veterinary Group

From 8th December to 11th December, we are having some IT upgrade works undertaken, along with an overhaul to our phone system. It may take a little longer than usual to answer your call and there may be a period of disruption. We are working hard to keep this disruption to a minimum to our team and you, our clients.

Wood Veterinary Group

We are a trusted and accredited animal hospital based in Gloucester providing an exceptional service for all kinds of pets and farm animals

We offer an excellent customer service through a team of highly skilled and experienced veterinary surgeons, nurses, receptionists and laboratory technicians who give a warm compassionate welcome to all animals in need of our help

Wood Veterinary Group Quedgeley

“Many, many thanks for taking so much time and effort with Bart. It is comforting to know that there are such kind and caring people out there. I am so grateful for all you have done.”

Anne Price

“As you know I have not been very well lately with my poorly tummy and eating the kebab stick. Everyone at home was really worried about me and brought me to you for help. Thank you for caring for me and being nice when I was kept in”

Lots of love Mia and The Scragg’s

“A very very big heartfelt thank you for all your love, care and attention which undoubtedly saved Lucy’s life. Our dogs mean the world to us and the thought of losing one of them so young would be unbearable.”

Marie and Jason Rowe