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The gamebird industry is of considerable economic and social importance in Gloucestershire. There is an ever growing number of poultry units as consumer choice and legislation has shifted egg production from large scale battery units to numerous free range units supplying local and niche markets.

Gloucester Laboratories provide a diagnostic, treatment and advisory service developed over the last 40 years. We have a specialist post mortem room within the Animal Hospital at Quedgeley, and this means that we are able to provide prompt diagnosis and health checks in relation to diseases such as coccidiosis, hexamita, gapes, rotavirus and the wide range of other potential diseases that affect gamebirds and domestic poultry.

A wide range of treatments are held in stock enabling prompt treatment of birds when indicated. We are available for telephone advice and we have the experience to visit farms to discuss management aspects of health control.


Please telephone the lab before submission to discuss the most appropriate samples for the investigation required. In most incidences especially when investigating a mortality problem the submission of dead and live birds with several specimens of each is most useful.

In gamebirds where scouring, poor growth and weight loss are features the submission of some live birds is strongly advised. Prior notification of submission also enables more efficient use of veterinary manpower and direct discussion between owner and vet in some instances prior to examination.

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