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Small Animal Laboratory Work

lab technicianWith the laboratory being on the veterinary hospital site it provides us with a very quick turn around time from sampling to informing you of the results and therefore giving you peace of mind.

This is often imperative for emergency cases seen out of hours and so allows us to move forward with specific treatment plans much sooner than we would be able to if these samples were sent to an external laboratory.

Our laboratories capabilities are listed below.

Some samples are sent externally such as histology samples (Finding what lumps and bumps are) so these results will take a little longer.

  • Full biochemistry – looking at organ function, testing for liver and kidney diseases
  • Full haematology – looking at red and white blood cells
  • Thyroid Levels – Checking the thyroid gland that controls metabolism
  • Urine Samples – Checking for infections, kidney function and stone formation
  • Virus Testing – Checking sick cats for Feline Aids Virus and Feline Leukaemia virus
  • Bacteriology – Looking for certain types of bacteria and which antibiotics will kill them
  • Cytology – Looking at cells so see if they are cancerous that have been taken from a lump
  • Parasitology – Looking for bugs especially in the skin!

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