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Grace Fairburn is a fully qualified veterinary physiotherapist working with both small and large animals. Grace works alongside the Woods Veterinary Group to offer an extensive range of services, both in the surgery and at your home.
Physiotherapy for your pet can help with a huge range of conditions, injuries and post surgery. Working alongside the vets and nurses, a home programme can be established for you to carry out at home with regular visits from Grace, or we can treat your animal in-house, whilst they recover.

Why choose physiotherapy?

Grace Fairburn Vet PhysioIn the same way that physiotherapy has proved successful for humans, veterinary physiotherapy has now become a more legislative and widely accepted form of treatment for animals.

Some of the benefits include:
• Relieve pain caused by surgery or medical problems
• Prevent and manage pain and physical impairments
• Improve muscle strength and mobility
• Improve or restore joint Range of Movement (ROM)
• Improve flexibility
• Aids recovery from neurological problems
• Improve gait biomechanics

What to expect:

With dogs, the assessment can take up to an hour and can be carried out at your home or at the practice. As with horses a full history is required followed by gait analysis, full body palpation and assessment of ROM (and reflexes where necessary).
Following this, treatment is carried out if appropriate and a home programme designed to suit both you and your dog.

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