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Beautiful little Tilly was brought into the practice in a terrible condition after being found under a hedge.

One of her ear pinnae (the flap ) had been completely torn off and she was missing half of the other one. She was very cold, underweight, dehydrated, had a low blood sugar, and a bad heart. We all feared that she wouldn’t make it through the night.

But thankfully after 24 hours of intensive care by both the day & night teams, Tilly pulled through.

Our large animal foot trimmer Richard fell in love with her immediately, as did we all. And once she was well enough, Richard took her home, where she got to meet her new brother Todd.

Tilly now lives life to the full with her new family! She is one lucky pup!

puppy at Wood vets
Are your pets affected by fireworks?

Are your pets affected by fireworks?

If your pets are affected by Fireworks – book a free of charge appointment with one of our nurses for advice and to discuss medications

Puppy party fun

Puppy party fun

We have Molly, Ethal, Lola and Harry joining us