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The offending thorn removed from Rolo’s cornea

This handsome chap is Rolo. He came in to see us at Quedgeley with a very painful eye, and had to be anaesthetised to remove a tiny thorn from his cornea (as shown in the image).

While he was asleep, we took the opportunity to give him a quick dental scale and polish!

Do not forget about our Dental Month in March!

Dog Rolo at Wood Vet Group
Here is Rolo, 24 hours later, with a nice comfortable eye and a beautiful smile to go with it.
Are your pets affected by fireworks?

Are your pets affected by fireworks?

If your pets are affected by Fireworks – book a free of charge appointment with one of our nurses for advice and to discuss medications

Puppy party fun

Puppy party fun

We have Molly, Ethal, Lola and Harry joining us


Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Wood Vets!

It’s been just over a year now since Cass broke her leg and she is doing amazing!

She has been climbing bales, picking up pheasants all season, everything she was doing prior to the accident! We are so grateful for the care and help we got from you.

Thank you so much from us and Cass