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A new version of VHD/RHD came into the UK in November 2015 – RHD2

We currently vaccinate against RHD1 and Myxomatosis. This provides no longterm protection against the new strain RHD2.

Death from RHD2 occurs 3 – 9 days after infection, with illness lasting 5 days. Therefore it is more difficult to diagnose.


RHD2 has spread across Europe since first being isolated in 2010.
The nearest cases to us have been Worcester and Bristol so far. The number of confirmed cases is increasing month on month.

It is transmitted by contact, food, clothing, insects, etc. So even house rabbits are susceptible. This means it is highly infectious.

This vaccine provides immunity to RHD1 and RHD2, so does NOT cover Myxomatosis. Therefore, we will still need to vaccinate with the Myxi vaccination.
The vaccines must be given two weeks apart.

Please call the practice on 01452 543990 to arrange your rabbit’s vaccinations.

Excellent service from phonecall to practice. 10/10. I adopted a stray from them and they have been fantastic throughout the whole process.

The ladies on reception are so helpful and aways smiling, and the nurses have been wonderful. Cannot thank you all enough for the care Birdie has received from you all.


Seasonal spring advice

Seasonal spring advice

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Does your pet need to shed some weight?

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